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RJ Designs is a reputed firm established by young, talented, experienced and well known professionals in the automotive design industry.

Car Modified

Our objective is to design the most innovative, comfortable, fresh in looks and most modern vehicles according to clients taste with no compromise in quality. We only uses top quality components and systems from the leading manufactures in the industry and are backed up by their network.

We are specialised in caravan designing, Force traveller body building and modification, ambulance body building and modification, designing luxury tourist vehicles, designing special purpose vehicles, front and back alteration, interior designing (both fibre and wood works), luxury upholstery works, A/C fitting, Audio/Video installation, sound engineering etc... We are committed to do work right from selecting the high quality raw materials to designing the vehicle with client’s wish and suggestions to maintaining and servicing our models.

At RJ Designs we encourage our customers to customise the package to best suit their needs. Although each vehicle is supplied with many unique standard features you can change any part of the layout or add extra features if there is something that specifically suits your requirements. The Management and Staff at RJ Designs are totally committed to customer satisfaction. Our dedication to quality and innovation is constantly challenging our design team and as we continue to push the envelope in design and affordability RJ Designs are constantly upgrading methods of manufacture to benefit our growing list of satisfied customers.

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